Blossub is the first (or the six hundred and fiftieth in the national Pokedex) Pokemon in the fan-made video game Pokemon Thunder Version and Rain Version. It's a Grass type and is a Seed Cub Pokemon. It evolves into Planther at level 17. It's ability is Growth and it can only be obtained in the beginning of Pokemon Thunder and Rain Version's as a starter.


Blossub is a lion cub with a tiny, yellow flower on its tail. Its body, legs, and most of the tail is green and its face is yellow with green flower buds. It has yellow seeds on its sides and tip of its tail. Its personality is stubborn and self-rightous.


Blossub (Level 17)- Planther (Level 36)-Danion


  • Pokemon Thunder Version: Recieved from Professer Pine as your starter.
  • Pokemon Rain Version: Recieved from Professer Pine as your starter.


  • Pokemon Thunder Version: As a defense system against insects, Blossub has developed a type of parasitic toxin that repel insects from up to 20 feet away.
  • Pokemon Rain Version: Blossub everywhere gather in Autumn forest during time of evolution. This migratory pattern may occur due to high pollen levels.


Name OriginEdit

Blossub's name comes from the words Blossom, a type of flower, and Cub, as in a lion cub.


  • This will be the first Grass type starter Pokemon that is a mammal.