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Corless is a character in the Pokemon franchise that first appeared in Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2. He is the main antagonist in Pokemon Thunder Version and Rain Version. He is one of the most advanced scientists in the region of Avatra and even Unova. He is a part of Team Plasma, but now leads Element Plasma.

In Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2, he's original goal was to bring the powers of Pokemon to maximum. His goal still exists in Pokemon Thunder Version and Rain Version, but he has decided to use legendary Pokemon to accomplished this goal instead.


The Elements Of The ScientistEdit

Leading the newely formed Element Plasma, Colress had researched and even stole maniscripts of the legendary Pokemon Avaisol and Unitoak. After wanting to bring out the full power of Pokemon in his previous attempt, he decides to find either Unitoak (Thunder version) or Avaisol (Rain version).

Colress is seen in Route 24, right as you start your journey. Colress admits to the main protagonist that he once was a bad person, but has seek to reformed for his ways, by benefitting Avatra the best source of technology within his lab. He then leaves off to another area.

Colress is not seen again until you actually go to his lab. There he will give you a key, which can not be used until later on in the game. He tells you that the key will "come in handy" in time.

After the Plasma Frigate has struck into the Pokemon League, Colress is seen controlling either Unitoak (Thunder version) or Avaisol (Rain version). But, Colress then decides to face the main trainer until Avaisol (Thunder version) or Unitoak (Rain version) comes and tries to stop Colress. After catching the legendary Pokemon, Colress, seeing your power, faces you.

Upon defeat, Colress admits that he was never the smart person and never will be after facing the main trainer. He then is pushed aside by Ghetsis, who then faces the main trainer. Colress heals your Pokemon before facing Ghetsis. After Ghetsis leaves the Plasma Frigate, Colress tells you that Ghetsis has been "like this for years," so he leaves by restoring the Pokemon League and flies away from the Plasma Frigate.


  • Colress admits after beating the Pokemon League, in his lab, that he has known Ghetsis for years, proving the reason Ghetsis trusted him to be the leader of Element Plasma.