Creation Cavern is an event location in Pokemon Thunder and Rain Versions. It is located on Route 128 and is only accessible to those who acquire the Creation Tablet event.


It appears as an empty cavern but when you walk to the center of the room an earthquake occurs and a mysterious blue circle lifts you from the ground. The ground the falls away pixel- by- pixel. You are then placed on a giant cyan line with tiny lines branching from it. You then run to the end where you can find the Event Pokemon Primea. It is level 15 and is carrying another Creation Tablet that you can use to reenter the cavern as much as you like.


  • According to Primea's dex registration in Thunder, it is possible that the Blue lines in the black zone could actually be fault lines. This is further referenced by towards the end minor Earthquake sounds can be heard.
  • The music for this location (and Vortex Cavern) is a Piano remix of Seafoam Islands BGM.