Four Sword Rebels is another comic series based on The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords. However, unlike Tri Force Weeaboos, Four Sword Rebels is more serious and plot driven, and it's a traditional comic series as opposed to a sprite comic series. (Pending).

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  • Vergil: The Green Link of the team; a focused and driven individual who is tasked as the de facto leader of the team. He can be a tad air headed at times, however, and isn't always the most capable of the group.
  • Amil: The Purple Link; Calm and collected, and serious most all the time. Very scarcely caught off his guard. However, he often thinks himself above the other Links, leading to conflict.
  • Ryan: The Blue Link; Hotheaded and aggressive, easily the most argumentative of the four. However, this also leads to a deep passion for seeing things through, often yielding surprising results.
  • Redd: The Red Link; Usually a cheerful and childish goofball, however, when danger occurs, he becomes severely nervous, even going as far as to abandon the other Links in fear.

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  • TBA

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  1. Ice Key Arc
  2. Forest Key Arc
  3. Flame Key Arc
  4. Storm Key Arc
  5. Wind Mage Arc