Michael is one of the rivals in Pokemon Thunder Version and a Gym Leader in Storm Version.


In Pokemon Thunder Version, he sports a tan cap (strangley sporting the Hoenn league insignia) with a blue jacket and black inner shirt with tan denim pants. In Storm, he loses the cap and wraps the jacket around his waist. His eyes are a blue color and his hair is an ash blonde.

Personality Edit

He is depicted as carefree and warm hearted in most scenarios. A running gag is that he is depicted as ludicrously brain fogged. Despite this, he has an exeptional memory compared to others and has a vast knowledge of The many myths of Avatra, and pokemon strategies. When he becomes the gym leader of the Libra City Pokemon Gym. He also works at the Libra City Nature Preserve. He also appears to despise those who are power-hungry and use Legendary Pokemon for dark purposes. it is revealed in Pokemon Storm that he actually has partial involvement in the developement of Team Solstice. However, this was accidental as he handed the (then) innocent Basilix and Sorren his documented discoveries of the legendary monsters 2 years prior to the events of the First three games.

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Pokemon TeamEdit

Pokemon ThunderEdit

First BattleEdit

If the player chose Blossub

Oceata Male, Lv.6

Tigrace Male, Lv.8

If the player chose Bursky

Blossub Male, Lv.6

Tigrace Male, Lv.8

If the player chose Oceata

Bursky Male, Lv.6

Tigrace Male, Lv.8

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