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N is a character in the Pokemon franchise that first appeared in Pokemon Black Version and White Version. He appears in Pokemon Thunder Version and Rain Version as the Pokemon League Champion.

Although he once was a villain and the leader of Team Plasma, N is now a hero in the main-Pokemon series games, helping the main trainer defeat his father, Ghetsis, from taking over Unova and now, Avatra.


Taking Over As ChampionEdit

Iris, the previous Champion, had retired as Champion after hearing about the new icarnation of Team Plasma. Because of this, Iris had left the Pokemon League to help stop the Element Plasma. N was then given the status as Champion after crashing into Iris.

Helping Destroy The FrigateEdit

One the main trainer beats the Elite Four, he/she will come and find N. He will say that he/she will be the first trainer to face him since he gave away Reshiram/Zekrom in Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2. You then face N in the battle to become Champion.

After beating N, a giant shudder shockes the Pokemon League. Then, the Plasma Frigate attacks the Pokemon League by either making the place overgrow into a jungle (in Thunder Version) or melt slowly (in Rain Version). After figuring out who the main villain is, N charges towards the Plasma Frigate and finds his father, Ghetsis. The main trainer is told by N to find the deepest part of the ship.

After catching Avaisol (in Thunder Version) or Unitoak (in Rain Version) and defeating Colress, Ghetsis and N come and find Colress defeated. Ghetsis then tries to battle the main trainer but is defeated through. N then congratulates the main trainer on winning the Pokemon League and beating Team Plasma]].

N can be foughted as much as you want via Pokemon League Champion.