Plasma Frigate 1.0

Plasma Friagte 1.0.

The Plasma Frigate is a giant ship that was Team Plasma's base in Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2. It reappears in Pokemon Thunder Version and Rain Version, but is called "The Plasma Frigate 2.0."

Both 1.0 and 2.0 versions of the Plasma Frigate are used specifically to fire a type of power to destroy the region, as in Black 2/White 2, Kyurem's power is used, but in Thunder/Rain versions, it uses Unitoak and Avaisol, respectively.


The Once, Forgotten ShipEdit

At one point during the game, Hugh and the main trainer will go by a city dock and find the abondaded Plasma Frigate used by Neo Plasma back in Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2. As a shock, you find the Shadow Triad inside, discussing plans about their next project. As soon as they find Hugh and the main trainer, they are shocked and teleport away. Hugh, wondering where they went, tells the main trainer to look around a bit more, as the ship gives memories to him (hence his appearance in Black 2/White 2). After that, Hugh leaves.

Turning Avatra Into A Dead ZoneEdit

After defeating the eight Gym Leader, Zinzilion, the 2.0 version of the Plasma Frigate appears, only to strike the Gym with its cannon, which turns it into a jungle (Thunder version) or burn it down (Rain version). After escaping the gym, Ghetsis and the Shadow Triad appear in front of the Plasma Frigate 2.0 as it sets lower to the ground. Ghetsis claims that he will turn Avatra into something that will destroy the region, thus turning it into a jungle (Thunder version) or burning the region (Rain version). They then activate the ship to go to the Pokemon League.

After defeating N, the latest Champion, the Plasma Frigate comes and either overgrows the area with thousands of branches (Thunder version) or burn it to dust (Rain version). So the main trainer and N go inside the Plasma Frigate after it sets on the ground. With dozens of Element Plasma members there, the trainer has to hurry along and find the real criminal behind this plan. As a shock to players, the main enemy is Colress, but he is only doing this because Ghetsis told him to. After capturing Avaisol (Thunder version) or Unitoak (Rain version) and defeating both Colress and Ghetsis, the main trainer has won the battle. And so, N and the main trainer leave the damaged Plasma Frigate 2.0, but the ship is not to be seen again.....